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Pilates is not “Just For Girls”

What people might not know is that Pilates was not only created by a man, but originally intended as an exercise program for men as well.

Many men underestimate the difficulty and just how much strength and endurance is required to work through an entire Pilates session. Whilst some men are hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights, many blokes are now starting to realise the benefits of building up their core strength using Pilates.

Here are my 5 top reasons as to why Pilates is a highly respected and beneficial rehabilitation exercise for all!

1. Pilates was created by a man (Joseph Pilates) who during World War 1 rehabilitated soldier’s injuries using Pilates exercises.

2. From Pilates came “Clinical Pilates” (taught by physiotherapists/allied health professionals) which we use for both men and women to prevent and repair injuries through specific training.

3. Many of the top NRL, AFL, tennis, surfing, running and other high level sporting athletes take to Pilates to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.

4. Improves flexibility – In an effort to get “buff”, it’s not uncommon for men to resort to exercises that shorten muscles. Bench presses, pull ups, squats and running are all great strength exercises, yet lengthening exercises are needed to balance the system out.

5. Strengthens pelvic floor - Men are often surprised when I say that they too have pelvic floor muscles! Many men experience the embarrassing effects of urinary incontinence after prostate surgery, carrying extra weight, chronic coughs, or doing repetitive heavy work.

If your interested in beginning your Pilates journey contact us today! C'mon lads!

Physiotherapist 'Coxy' in his element!

Physiotherapist Amanda teaching a Pilates mat class.

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