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Bowel dysfunction refers to any abnormal change in your bowel habits. Physiotherapy is safe and effective and can significantly assist with the problems associated with bowel dysfunction. 


Bowel dysfunction includes:

  • Gut/abdominal discomfort/IBS symptoms

  • An increase or decrease in normal bowel frequency

  • Bowel urgency

  • Faecal incontinence 

  • Flatulence incontinence (difficulty/inability to control wind)

  • Difficulty emptying your bowels and obstructed defecation

  • Rectal Prolapse

  • Rectocele/Posterior Wall Prolapse

  • Pain before, during and/or after a bowel motion

  • Anal fissures/haemorrhoids


Physiotherapy for Bowel Dysfunction:

During your physiotherapy assessment we will ask you specific questions about your bowels, fluid-intake, diet and pelvic health. With your consent we may assess the integrity of your pelvic floor and anal sphincter muscles either via ultrasound or an internal examination. 


Physiotherapy treatment may involve:

  • Educated you on the anatomy of the bowel.

  • Lifestyle and diet advice (with assistance of bladder and bowel diaries), management with stool softeners.

  • Education and advice on healthy bowel habits and defecation dynamics.

  • Pelvic floor rehabilitation including trigger point therapy. We will assess specifically if the pelvic floor can contract/relax and is well coordinated. We can assist in training the muscles accordingly.

  • Pelvic organ prolapse management including pelvic floor training and pessary management.

  • Working closely with your medical/health team, e.g. your GP, specialist, dietician, nutritionist &/or naturopath. If it is indicated we will refer you to a specialist or other health professional.

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