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Reformer Pilates Class


intro packages

New to the concept of Pilates or to the Body Align studio, then this is for you! Try our intro packages to discover if our small group Pilates and our amazing studio are for you! ​Available to first time clients only.

With our focused and small classes we ensure our very friendly and super skilled trainers can give you the extra one-one one attention you need. We welcome everybody and our team are experienced at helping our members settle in and feel at home.

Reformer Intro Package $90 (3 classes, 14 day expiry) 

Mat Pilates Intro Package $65 (3 classes of Pilates Mat or Yoga, 14 day expiry)

mat pilates

Our mat Physio Pilates classes consist of modified mat based exercises to improve strength, stability alignment , flexibility, breathing, posture, and specifically work on muscular imbalances and injury resistance. Our classes offer a blueprint of your body which is often lost through injury and/or trauma, or years of poor posture habits.

We start by establishing a solid foundation through correcting postures and making sure our clients have good core muscle activation. We then move to more challenging exercises that build strength and stability through the whole body. 

We run our classes over 10 week terms. While dropping in for casual classes is welcome, we encourage clients to book a regular class for the full term to avoid missing out.​

55 mins, 8-10 max per Physio/Instructor

Casual Group Therapy                 $35

10 Pack Group Therapy              $290

reformer /small group pilates 
(prenatal friendly)

Our reformer/small group classes are designed to give you a specific, full-body conditioning workout designed to stretch, strengthen and tone, using springs as resistance. Designed by our physiotherapists, we keep these classes focused and small to ensure our (very attentive and super skilled) trainers can give you the extra one-on-one attention you need. Every body is unique, so we treat each one as exactly that.



Reformer Classes (50 mins, 6 max per Physio/Instructor)

Casual Reformer Class                           $45 

10 Pack Reformer   (3 month expiry)       $365

20 Pack Reformer      (3 month expiry)    $700

equipment (physio lead)

Run by Physiotherapists, these classes focus on traditional pilates exercises performed on a variety of pilates equipment, including the reformer, ladder barrel, trapeze table, wunda-chair or mat. Each client is assessed by a Physiotherapist and has an individualised program set out to ensure correct technique and goals are met. Pilates sessions can be either one on one (private), duet orin a small group of four clients per instructor. 

These classes include elements of conditioning, strength and balance challenges and of course core stability training. It is designed for those at any level looking to expand their pilates experience and expertise within a small group environment. 

If you have no pilates experience prior to joining an equipment session, a private session will be required to familiarise yourself with the basic principals of movement, as well as the machine. Please book your Initial Pilates Consult here. 


Initial Assessment                           $165

Casual Group Therapy                     $60

5 Pack Group Therapy                   $265

10 Pack Group Therapy                 $475


$95 per person (55 mins)


$165  (55 mins)

Clinical Pilates with a physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under "Physiotherapy" with your private health fund. At Body Align Physio we offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims. Please check with your fund for more details.

mums and bubs

Our Mums and Bubs classes offer pregnant and new mum's the chance to return to regular exercise safely while targeting the muscles most affected by pregnancy and birth. A small group class for mamas with bubs in tow.

Note: Bubs allowed at this class, the physio and admin team are here to help with any babies who get unsettled.


50 mins, 6 max per Physio/Instructor​

Casual Mums and Bubs Class                 $30

5 Pack Mums and Bubs  (6 week expiry)       $140


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