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Body Align Physio Team


Body Align Physio is a physiotherapy and Pilates studio, based in the heart of Mollymook, NSW.

Through physiotherapy and our weekly exercise classes, we combine a hands-on and active approach to injury rehab and prevention.


We use highly effective, evidence-based clinical practice - everything we do is carefully designed to get you back enjoying what you love, without pain or injury.


Whether you want to increase strength, get surf fit, be safer on the work site or manage an injury, Body Align Physio will help you get there.




Led by Principal Physiotherapist, Amanda McDonald, we're a diverse team of local, community-minded practitioners.

We are passionate about your health and are committed to helping you get the most out of life.


Amanda and the team at Body Align offer an exceptional service.

Client, Milton

Amanda McDonald


A country girl at heart, she grew up on a farm in Western Australia and made her way across the country after completing her Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University of Technology in Perth. Over the last 12 years she has been fortunate to work with some highly skilled physiotherapists with a specific interest in Women’s Health in Sydney who sparked her interest in this area.


She enjoys treating women of all ages, particularly helping them through important life events such as pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. Being a mum of two boys she knows the toll pregnancy and motherhood can take on the body. She feels she is equipped with the tools both personally and professionally to guide her patients through these important periods in their life.


Amanda has completed her Pilates Rehabilitation Diploma through Polestar Pilates Australia. Her physiotherapy skillset and extensive Pilates background provides her with a holistic pathway to patient care. She is very passionate about returning her patients to optimal function and believes Pilates can facilitate optimal strength, stability and flexibility within the body and provide a platform for injury resistance. She is currently affiliated with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Polestar Pilates Australia.



Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), Curtin University, Perth WA


  • Pilates Rehabilitation Diploma – Polestar Pilates Australia

  • Dry Needling Level 1 GEMT

  • APA 3D Assessment and treatment of the lumbar spine and pelvis

  • Spinal Synergy - SIJ and Pelvis (Taso Lambridis)

  • The Irritable Hip – Synergy Physio

  • Therapeutic Yoga 1 and 2 – Unite Health

Specialist Cancer Physiotherapy:

  • PINC Rehabilitation Diploma – Cancer Rehabilitation

Women’s Health:

  • Introductory to Women’s Health Pregnancy and Postpartum - Taryn Hallam

  • Stress Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Organ Prolapse – Taryn Hallam

  • Genitourinary and Anorectal Pain Disorders – Taryn Hallam

  • Exercise Sport and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction – Taryn Hallam

  • Objective Testing – Taryn Hallam

  • The Physiotherapy Clinic – Birth Preparation, Advanced Pessary Practicals, Transperineal Ultrasound


  • Research Update 2021 – Pelvic Floor WHTA

  • Research Update 2022 - The Childbearing Year WHTA

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Claire Denton


Claire has always had a passion for health, exercise and wellbeing. This interest grew throughout her teenage years when she competitively played netball, touch football and in the latter years found a love for Pilates.

After finishing high school she further consolidated her passion for this field by completing a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney. This degree allowed her to develop knowledge and experience in a broad range of physiotherapy areas and built on her keen interest for musculoskeletal conditions. During this time Claire completed her Pilates certification with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates institute. This training allows her to utilize a hands on and exercise based therapy approach to return patients to optimal function and reach their desired outcomes.

Claire has also developed a special interest in women’s health and is passionate about working together with women to assist in management of pregnancy related pelvic girdle/lower back pain, abdominal rehabilitation and pelvic floor related conditions.

Ashleigh Crawford


Ashleigh’s passion for physiotherapy started in the later years of high school when she developed an interest in human movement mechanics and human anatomy. Ashleigh then continued to follow this interest through a Bachelor of Exercise Science at the University of Wollongong. This degree allowed Ashleigh to develop her knowledge of human anatomy and establish a good understanding of how exercise can be used to optimise a persons function.

Ashleigh then went on to complete a Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney where she learnt how to put her knowledge and skills from her exercise science degree into a rehabilitation setting for a wide range of conditions. 

During her time working as a physiotherapist, Ashleigh has developed a special interest in women’s and men’s pelvic health physiotherapy. Ashleigh is passionate about increasing the awareness of the pelvic health conditions that both women and men can suffer from in their lifetime and how pelvic health physiotherapy can make a real difference in these people’s lives.


She is extremely passionate about being able to help people achieve their goals and get back to doing the things they love. Ashleigh has done a number of women’s health courses covering a range of conditions as well as men’s pelvic health training and she continues to do further training in these areas to help her clients get the best outcome. 


Liz Noad


Having a strong interest in health and fitness from a young age, Liz has been involved in various sports (swimming, rowing, water polo, triathlon) & outdoor pursuits (long-distance hiking, ultra trail running, rock climbing and mountaineering).

Understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and efficient movement patterns, she has pursued a career in Physiotherapy, with a personal focus on ‘prevention is the cure’.


Liz’s experience bridges acute and rehabilitation hospital contexts, specialist private practice physiotherapy centres (complex pelvic and thoracic dysfunction) and in specialist strength and conditioning. Liz has built on her passion for manual therapy in a novel way, bringing different systems together to assess and treat. She has also been involved in teaching other physiotherapists and health practitioners specialist techniques across different modalities (Muscle Energy Techniques, Myofascial Release, Connect Therapy, Visceral Release).

Having experienced first hand the effect of baseline strength and conditioning on her own ability to compete in various sports and outdoor pursuits with ease, Liz has since applied these movements and training principles to various populations. The result: effective and long-lasting decreases in musculoskeletal pain, injury prevention, improved movement efficiency and fitness, and the power to have a go at things you never imagined possible!

Sarah McCulloch


Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) at Curtin University of Technology in Perth WA. Since this time, she has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals and private practice. She has gained experience with a mixed client base, including acutely unwell and post-surgical patients, as well as patients undergoing longer-term rehabilitation after injury or illness. 


Returning to private practice, Sarah is enjoying treating a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, with particular interest in low back and neck pain. Regardless the condition, she sees the importance of recognising every patient as an individual with different goals, and uses this to guide her treatment approach. 


By using an integrative model of physiotherapy that combines manual therapy and exercise using Pilates repertoire, Sarah finds great satisfaction in helping patients to achieve their desired outcomes and return to the activities that they love.


Vanessa Gonzalez Viramontes


Vanessa is originally from Mexico and has a Bachelor degree of Health Science (Myotherapy), a Certificate IV on Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy), and a Diploma on Remedial Massage Therapy. 


Vanessa has been working with other complementary allied health professionals in the area for the last 8 years, such as chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and psychologists. Vanessa's passion has evolved from a deep interest in manual therapy to a more specialized musculoskeletal therapy hands-on approach complemented with rehabilitative exercise prescription. 


Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy in which practitioners assess, treat, manage, and help prevent musculoskeletal pain and conditions caused by muscles, joints, tendons and nerves. Myotherapy can help patients relieve and manage musculoskeletal pain and decrease movement restriction, whilst addressing contributing factors that lead to the development of symptoms. 


Myotherapy incorporates extensive physical evaluation and an integrated approach to treat affected areas, and uses standard methods of assessment such as functional, orthopaedic, special and neurodynamic testing to determine the cause of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. 


Myotherapists use manual techniques such as myofascial release, cupping, joint mobilization, dry needling, electro therapeutics, functional taping, and rehabilitative exercise prescription.


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Myotherapy) 

  • Certificate IV Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy) 

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage 

  • Advanced & Master myofascial dry needling diplomas 

  • Myotherapy Association Australia Member 2023-2024 

Ella Repanellis


Ella has always seen the value and importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle, and is passionate about living her life as environmentally conscious and sustainably as she can.  


Ella first joined the team as a receptionist and admin support staff, and has since completed her Pilates Mat and Reformer certification through the Australian Institute of Physiotherapy and Pilates (APPI).  

Ella has used Pilates as part of her regular exercise routine for many years and loves strengthening the body through functional movement. She believes that using Pilates regularly not only increases strength and fitness, but also helps prevent injury, decrease pain, and in turn improves quality of life.


Out of the clinic Ella enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, running, gardening and playing local team sports. You will find her most days at the local park or beach playing with her two young boys and hubby. 

Justine Berghouse.jpg

Justine Berghouse


Justine has always had a passion for health and fitness and pursued a future in secondary schools as a Personal Development, Heath and Physical Education teacher. Justine grew up always participating in team sports and has been an avid hockey and touch football player. She fell in love with running in her adult years and has run several half marathons and had a goal to run a full marathon.

After a number of years working in High Schools Justine felt a pull toward the wellbeing side of the job and retrained to become a School Counsellor, which she continues to do. She has recently completed her registration in this field.

It was during Justine’s early years in school counselling where she was regularly attending an outdoor fitness group that she pursued her fitness passion and completed her certificate 3 and 4 in personal training and commenced work with Savvy fitness immediately.


After some time Justine developed a strong appreciation for Yoga as a means to facilitate her other training and to connect with and look after her body and mental well-being. She went on to complete the 200 Hour Vinyasa teacher training with Younga Yoga in 2019 and has enjoyed teaching since.


Bree Robinson


Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney, Bree Robinson and her young family have recently relocated to the beautiful South Coast. With a background in administration, Bree can help assist with anything at reception.


In her downtime you will find Bree exploring the great outdoors, fishing with her kids and attending her weekly physie classes.


Bree is looking forward to meeting lots of friendly locals whilst playing an important role at Body Align Physio, so come on in and say hi!


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