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Our physiotherapists use a range of evidence-based, active treatments that can help you treat and prevent injury.


We use techniques including trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation and manipulation, dry needling, postural correction techniques, specific muscle strengthening and flexibility techniques and taping, bracing or splinting.


Our treatment plans are highly personalised and tailored for your specific needs.



  • Low back pain and lumbo-pelvic dysfunction including low back/pelvic/SIJ dysfunction

  • Neck pain and headaches

  • Women’s Health issues including pregnancy related pain, continence and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Men's Health issues including prostate cancer related issues, continence and pelvic floor dysfunction

  • Knee pain including ligament injuries and patello-femoral pain

  • Ankle pain and sprains

  • Shoulder and elbow pain including instability, rotator cuff tears, bursitis,  “tennis” and “golfers” elbow

  • Wrist and hand pain including Carpal Tunnel and De Quervain's syndrome

  • RSI injuries

  • TMJ (Jaw) pain

  • Sports and Work Related Injuries



A consultation will commence with a discussion as to why you sought physiotherapy treatment. You will be asked various questions with regards to your particular problem so your physio obtain a clear understanding of the cause of the problem and help formulate a diagnosis.


Following this, a physical examination will be performed - where specific postures, movements, stability and strength tests will be conducted so that we can determine the likely cause of the pain or dysfunction.


Once this has been completed we will explain the diagnosis, prognosis and various treatment options available. We will commence the first treatment during the first appointment and give you an appropriate home exercise program.


  • Comfortable clothing

  • Referral from GP/specialist or medical reports regarding your injury

  • X-rays and other scans (if available)

  • List of medications and known allergies

  • Private health fund details

  • Medicare details (for Chronic Disease Management Plans)

  • Work Cover details (if applicable)

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