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Practicing at Home


For clients who are unable to attend the clinic, who life afar, or not feeling comfortable in public, we have updated Body Align Physio to offer Telehealth services. Telehealth provides an opportunity for patients to interact with their physiotherapist, and deliver safe and person centred rehabilitation within the home.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth consultations are online video/audio calls between a physiotherapist and a patient. Physitrack Telehealth has been designed to work in a wide range of browsers and on a wide range of IOS and Android devices.​

The following services are available that can be delivered by Telehealth:

- Physiotherapy management (including self assessment and treatment, education and advice and exercise based rehab)

- Individualised home exercise programs based on your injury or dysfunction

- Follow up and referral with any other health professional

Will my complaint or injury be suitable for Telehealth?

Most women’s health and musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for Telehealth physiotherapy consultations. If your injury isn’t suitable for a Telehealth consultation we will let you know, otherwise please send us an email at and we will further advise.

As a part of our Telehealth services we will still provide you education about your condition and the stage of rehab you are in, an online assessment procedure, and advise you of self treatment and exercises that will be suitable for your condition. We will be providing email support and liaising with other health care providers who are a part of your rehabilitation.

Will my Private Health Insurer or Medicare cover Telehealth appointments?

Some Australian private health insurers will be cover Telehealth consultations. We encourage you to check with your fund. Medicare do cover Telehealth appointments under Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans.

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