At Body Align Physio, we love pilates. It's an exercise practice that evenly balances out strength, stability, mobility, flexibility, and proprioception.


All of our classes are run by physiotherapists who offer a broad range of class options to ensure their clients have the right class environment for their goals and needs.


Class descriptions and pricing are listed below.
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We'd recommend you book a private consult with our physiotherapist first. 

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We have a range of private and semi-private class options. Class descriptions are listed below.


Physio Pilates Mat Classes

Our mat Physio Pilates classes consist of modified mat based exercises to improve strength, stability alignment, flexibility, breathing, posture, and specifically work on muscular imbalances and injury resistance. Our classes offer a blueprint for your body which is often lost through injury and/or trauma, or years of poor postural habits.


We start by establishing a solid foundation through correcting postures and making sure our clients have good core muscle activation. We then move to more challenging exercises that build strength and stability through your whole body. 


We run our classes over ten-week terms. While dropping in for casual classes is welcome, we encourage clients to book a regular class for the full term to avoid missing out!


3 Class Trial Pack $55 (Available for new clients and within term blocks). 14 day expiry.
Are you new to our classes? Try our 3 class trial pack! This is a great no-obligation way to check out our classes. Let’s get started! Available for Pilates mat classes only.

Casual Physio Pilates Classes - $30 per class
Availability subject to class numbers. Term pass holders are given first preference for positions in each class.

Physio Pilates Mat Class Term Packages
Class terms go for 10 weeks (2 weeks break following school terms)

Pilates Mat Classes (55mins, 9 max per Physio/instructor)

Casual Group Therapy                                             $30

5 Pack Group Therapy                                             $140 

10 Pack Group Therapy                                           $265 

Pilates with a physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund. At Body Align Physio we offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims.

Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Ready to get moving again after having a baby? Are you pregnant and wanting to exercise safely?

Our Pre and Postnatal Pilates classes offer pregnant and new mum’s the chance to return to regular exercise safely while targeting the muscles most affected by pregnancy and birth.

Many women feel a lot of pressure to get back into shape quickly, but in the early stages after giving birth, whether you have had a caesarean-section or vaginal birth, the most important thing to remember is to be kind to your body and allow it time to recover. 

What to Expect from Pre and Post-Natal Pilates?

You will start with an Initial Pilates Assessment to discuss your medical history, labour, and any pelvic floor dysfunction.

A measure of rectus diastasis (abdominal separation) and specific exercises to reduce it.

An individualised programme of Pilates exercises prescribed, monitored and progressed by a Physiotherapist.

A wide variety of equipment-based exercises utilising the mat, gym ball, reformer, barrel, wunda-chair and trapeze table.

Specific education about the pelvic floor muscles to ensure good control during and after pregnancy.



Pre and Postnatal Classes (50mins, 6 max per Physio)

Casual Pre and Postnatal                                         $38

5 Pack Pre and Postnatal                                         $170 

10 Pack Pre and Postnatal                                       $300 

Book your initial consult here with one of our pelvic physiotherapists - Amanda or Claire. Pilates with a Physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund. At Body Align Physio we offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims.

Clinical Reformer Pilates

Reformer circuit pilates classes are designed to challenge you by incorporating traditional Pilates movements with corrective and postural exercises. The Pilates Reformer machine gives you a specific, unique full-body conditioning workout designed to stretch, strengthen and tone, using springs as resistance.

These classes are designed by physiotherapists and are suitable for those with no current injuries and some prior experience with Pilates equipment is recommended and helpful. However, don’t worry if you are new to Pilates, as you can still enjoy these classes after a private introductory session to familiarize yourself with our equipment, and to learn correct core activation and Pilates technique. 


These small group classes (max 4 clients per class) offer a specific and dynamic circuit group workout covering a range of traditional and evolved Pilates repertoire on the Reformer and mat. (50 minutes)




Reformer Classes (50mins, 4 max per Physio/instructor)


Casual Reformer Class                     $45

5 Pack Reformer                               $200

10 Pack Reformer                             $365 

Pilates with a Physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund. At Body Align Physio we offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims.

Clinical Pilates: Private, Duet and Small Group

Run by physiotherapists, these classes focus on traditional Pilates exercises performed on a variety of Pilates equipment, including the reformer, ladder barrel, trapeze table, wunda chair or mat. Each client is assessed by a Physiotherapist and has an individualised program set out to ensure correct technique and goals are met. Pilates sessions can be either one on one (private), duet or in a small group of four clients per instructor. 

These classes include elements of conditioning, strength and balance challenges and of course core stability training. It is designed for those at any level looking to expand their Pilates experience and expertise within a small group environment.

If you have no Pilates experience prior to joining an equipment session, a private session will be required to familiarise yourself with the basic principles of movement, as well as the machine. Please book your Initial Pilates Consult here




Initial Assessment                      $145

Casual Group Therapy               $55

5 pack Group Therapy               $255 

10 pack Group Therapy             $455 

Pilates with a Physiotherapist entitles you to claim your sessions under “Physiotherapy” with your private health fund. At Body Align Physio we offer HICAPS for these on-the-spot claims.

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Clinical Pilates is a system of safe and effective exercises that blend the recent research on spinal stability, strength and mobility, with the traditional Pilates method. Unlike the reformer classes, we use all pieces of Pilates equipment including the trapeze table, ladder barrel, combo chair, spine corrector, reformer and small equipment.


Classes are taught by Physiotherapists who incorporate their knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the principles of Pilates to establish an exercise program to progress and challenge you towards a fit, balanced, strong and injury resistant body.



Clinical Pilates is a safe and highly efficient workout for people of all ages including pre and postnatal women and the elderly. Every program is individualised and tailored towards your current fitness level.



Clinical Pilates sessions can be:

Private 1:1 (1 physio to 1 patient)
Duet 1:2 (1 physio to 2 patients)
Small Group Classes 1:4 (1 physio to 4 patients)



Your Physiotherapist will start you with an initial consultation to help begin your Pilates journey. They will need to assess your past injury history and current fitness level, then specifically design and closely supervise an exercise program specific to your needs. The program will include specific exercises and movements that are tailored to your body and specific goals.



Yes! You can claim for your initial Pilates assessment (undertaken by a physiotherapist) and individual class sessions through your private health fund. Please check with your health fund for more details. 

Please Note: 6 month expiry on booking blocks of privates, duos and small group (1:4) classes.


Below is the class timetable.


Please Note: Our MAT class timetable generally follows the school term. All other classes (Clinical reformer and small group) are ongoing.



Term 1: Jan 29 - April 9 (11 week term)

Term 2: April 28 - July 3 (10 week term)

Term 3: July 21 - September 25 (10 week term)

Term 4: October 12 - December 16 (10 week term)


Click on any of the classes to book your spot on our MindBody site.

All class bookings are made through our MindBody site - it's simple and easy to use, but if you have any issues, check out our step-by-step booking guide here.


Please make sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions prior to booking. 


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