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So what does a Men's Health Physio do?

We know blokes love chatting about their health…so fellas bear with us for a couple of minutes. It might save your wife nagging you to get on top of it after she reads this.

So, what is a Men’s Health Physiotherapist?

A Men’s Health Physiotherapist is a qualified physiotherapist with a special interest and further training in the area of the male pelvic floor. To put it most simply, if it involves your bowels, your erections or your water works (continence), chances are we can help!

Some common areas of concern include:

- Pre and Post Prostatectomy Pelvic Floor training

- Post Prostate Surgery Incontinence

- Erectile Dysfunction

- Exercise advice and prescription for men on Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer

- Pelvic pain including in the scrotum, perineum, penis or anus

- Pudendal nerve pain (pain, discomfort, or numbness in your pelvis or genitals)

How can we help?

We work in conjunction with urologists, exercise physiologists, sexual health physicians & psychologists with the goal of restoring men's health. We do this through discussing a thorough history. We find out what your goals and expectations are so that we can work towards some targets. We then move onto an objective assessment where we look at some of your movements and most of the time, we perform an ultrasound of your pelvic floor muscles to assess their function and strength. From this information we formulate a treatment plan together which may include education of various strategies to manage and support some of these specific conditions, contracting/relaxing the pelvic floor, increasing general exercise tolerance, or some self-release work.

We understand that these are very sensitive topics and as always we treat every case with the utmost privacy and respect.

Image via Australian Physiotherapy Association

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