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August is Tradies Health Month!

Injury Prevention is the best way to stay fit & healthy. Amanda releases her first podcast for Tradies National Health Month!

As some of you may have been aware August is Tradies National Health Month. I was privileged enough to speak as a guest on The Site Shed to talk about tradies health and the effects of Pilates on post trauma and prevention of injury on the work site.

During the podcast I relish on the key components of Pilates, the philosophy that builds strength in core muscles, stabilising muscles and the mind. The aim is to build a solid foundation so that when you need to perform everyday exercises (like lifting, reaching, crouching, running, even walking and sitting), your body is mobile and strong enough in the right areas.

I emphasis that it is not uncommon for patients that come in to be fit and strong, but have weak foundations. The society we live in rewards six packs, but doesn’t take into consideration the relevance of that six pack being correctly supported by core and stabilising muscles.

At Body Align Physio we offer a unique approach to injury prevention as I bring the background of what I know from being a physio and what I know from being a Pilates instructor, which results in a holistic perspective on the ecosystem that is our body.

Enjoy this podcast via the link attached to the website and an exercise resource below on Amanda's top 6 exercises to prevent back pain!

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